Action Required: Impeach President Trump

Action required: Impeach President Trump

I’m writing to you today in support of impeaching President Trump. Find your Senators and your Representatives and send them a note with your support!

President Trump has violated his oath of office to faithfully execute the office and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the Untied States. President Trump has engaged in misconduct, and has abused and violated the public trust.

In 2020, President Trump intentionally downplayed the danger of COVID-19 [1] while interfering with the national response, bidding against states for safety equipment instead of coordinating them [2]. Among his worst moments were sharing a video featuring a group of doctors making false and dubious claims related to COVID-19 [3], making a serious suggestion that people try to inject disinfectant to cure themselves of the virus, and later claiming he was just kidding after seeing the public reaction to his irresponsible statement [4]. He turned the wearing of masks from a safety issue to a political issue [5]. Even while new cases and deaths were surging upwards, President Trump claimed that we are “rounding the corner” during a campaign rally [52].

Today, less than a year since President Trump’s remarks that “we have it under control” and “we’ve done a great job” as the death toll from the virus continued to increase [6], the CDC reports over 21 million infected and we suffered more than 364,000 deaths [7]. Some of those deaths may have been inevitable, but when comparing our national response to those of other countries, it is clear that with adequate leadership we could have fared much better [8][9]. Whether President Trump was unwilling or unable to lead the country in response to the pandemic threat doesn’t matter. It needed to be done to save lives, and he failed to delegate the task to someone who was willing and able, violating the public trust.

President Trump repeats conspiracy theories involving the federal and state governments [10] at a time when an alarming number of people believe in them [11]. If President Trump sincerely believes the conspiracy theories [12], his duty as the President of the United States would be to initiate investigations and work to uproot whatever corruption may be in place, and replace corrupt officials with faithful public servants. President Trump has done the opposite [59][60]. When he refuses to divest himself from his businesses while serving as president [56], when he fires administrators for reporting the truth [13], demands loyalty to himself over the country [55], when he asks his personal lawyer to work with the president of another country to investigate the son of his political rival [57][58], and calls for the arrest of his political opponents [14][64], while pardoning friends [61], he joins the ranks of dictators around the world and throughout history who want power for themselves at the expense of everyone else, who intentionally undermine institutions by removing faithful public servants and replacing them with loyalists — loyal to the dictator, not the state. That is not our way. The various oaths of office for elected and appointed federal and state officials all include upholding or defending the Constitution. We require our public servants to be loyal to the country and not to a single person. We cannot tolerate such behavior from our President.

Recently, President Trump attempted to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election to win a second term in office, after a decisive loss to President-elect Joe Biden. He started before the election even took place. In August, President Trump said “the only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged” [15], setting up a fictitious narrative of fraud that he continued to exploit for personal gain.

During a year when people are rightfully concerned about being infected by COVID-19 when they stand in line to vote in person, and many states were making preparations to facilitate mail-in voting [16], President Trump called mail-in voting a “scam” by the Democrats [17] and turned the issue of mail-in voting from a safety issue to a political issue, saying “Democrats are clamoring for it” and “for whatever reason, doesn’t work out well for Republicans” [18]. Knowing that most states preparing for mail-in ballots lean towards Democrat candidates, with only a few Republican-leaning states such as Utah, North Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska fully embracing it, President Trump directed the United States Postal Service to make changes such as not treating all election mail as First Class, and conspired to block funding to the Postal Service [19], in order to delay delivery of the mostly-Democrat ballots. Then, after attempting to scare his Republican followers away from voting by mail with misinformation [20], President Trump demanded that states “stop the count” of mail-in votes [21], demonstrating a complete lack of regard for the states’ due process and for the disenfranchisement of all the people who legally cast mail-in ballots in the election. It is an abuse of the public trust for the President of the United States to undermine the democratic process in pursuit of his own election victory.

After tentative election results showed that Joe Biden won the election, President Trump fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper [22] and either fired or caused to resign other top officials and replaced them promptly with people who are perceived to be more loyal to President Trump than to the country [23]. President Trump’s words and actions have been so alarming, that all 10 living former US defense secretaries published an open letter to members of the Defense Department to remind them that their oath is to the Constitution of the United States of America, and not to any one man [24].

In a telephone call, President Trump threatened Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, a member of the Republican party, that he faces consequences if he doesn’t “find” 11,780 votes [34]. In the same call, President Trump directed Mr. Raffensperger to just declare him the winner in Georgia, saying, “And there’s nothing wrong with saying that, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated” and “I’m just saying you know, and, you know, under new counts, and under uh, new views, of the election results, we won the election.” [35]. In the call, President Trump referenced other states, and it’s possible that he also attempted to unduly influence their officials in a similar way. It was later revealed that President Trump had a separate call more than a week earlier with the chief investigator working for Mr. Raffensperger, where he urged the chief investigator to “find the fraud”, telling the individual that they would be a “national hero”. [50]

In summary of the above points, President Trump turned masks from a safety issue to a political issue, then he turned mail-in ballots from a safety issue into a political issue. President Trump encouraged Republican votes to vote in person instead of by mail, attempted to interfere with the delivery of election mail, and called for stopping the count of legal votes before it was done, at a time when all in-person voting was completed but counting of mail-in votes had not yet completed. After the election was over, President Trump fired top defense officials and replaced them with loyalists, and he attempted to pressure governors, state officials, and state legislatures to overturn their state election results. That is a clear abuse of executive power.

President Trump accused state governments comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and non-partisan officials of a massive conspiracy to “steal” the election from him, even while Republican candidates for Senate and House of Representatives were winning in the same elections. President Trump and his allies filed 62 lawsuits related to election fraud and lost all except one, which was a complaint about procedure and not about actual fraud that occurred [25]. After making numerous baseless and easily disproved [63] claims of fraud in public where there is no legal consequence [26], President Trump’s lawyers were careful not to allege fraud in a courtroom where they would be required to actually show evidence [27]. They incompetently filed lawsuits in which they have no standing in states [28] and in the Supreme Court [29], they alleged discrimination where it didn’t exist and asked for legal votes to be ignored [62], and then complained that judges “don’t have the courage” to hear the evidence [30].

Even after being denied in court, President Trump and his allies have never released any such evidence to the public. In a country where far lesser crimes and conspiracies have actually happened and been exposed with evidence, the rational explanation for the lack of evidence presented by President Trump is that he made it all up. In contrast, there is plenty of evidence that President Trump is a liar from the investigation into Russian interference [31] to the Coronavirus [32] and about many other topics [33]. How can we trust a President whose lies are so numerous that people have to make catalogs to keep track?

And he continued to call the election “rigged” [36]. A democracy cannot function without trust in the election system. If there is a flaw, it must be exposed and corrected. When President Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016, with 304 Electoral College votes, while losing the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, he called his own victory a “landslide”. When President-elect Biden won against President Trump in 2020, with 306 Electoral College votes and with more than 7 million margin in the popular vote, President Trump called it “rigged”. But President Trump has a habit of calling elections “rigged” when he doesn’t like the result [37].

If the President sincerely believed that former President Barack Obama’s election victory in 2012 was due to fraud, and that Senator Ted Cruz success in the Iowa caucuses in 2016 was due to fraud [53], why did he not use his term in office to pursue this very important issue? He made many campaign promises, and election reform was not one of them [54]. After doing nothing about it for three and a half years, President Trump predicted fraud would occur in the 2020 election, but did nothing to stop it. Instead of leading the country, President Trump pretends to be a victim.

As the the country’s top elected official and head of the executive branch, having sworn an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, if President Trump had any doubts about the integrity of the upcoming election he should have inspired the legislature and the states to take additional precautions and to institute additional procedures to ensure the integrity of the election. President Trump did not do this. President Trump did not faithfully execute his duties as President of the United States.

Finally, after all the rhetoric, lies, and lawsuits failed, last week President Trump planned a protest [38] and then incited a riot to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College votes in Congress, repeating his baseless claims of election fraud, saying “this is the most corrupt election in the history, maybe of the world”, and telling his followers “if you don’t fight like Hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore”, and “we’re going walk down to the Capitol” and “you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.” [39]. The subsequent riot disrupted the counting of the Electoral College votes [40], resulted in the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick [41], injury of more than 50 police officers [42], and the death of 4 civilians, one of whom was shot while in the Capitol Building [43].

After the attack on the Capitol Building, some Republicans decided to withdraw their support for President Trump’s effort to overturn the election results [44], and various officials and aides resigned including Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao [45], former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham [46], Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews [47], Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger [48], and others. These former officials have no confidence in President Trump and they can no longer tolerate serving in his administration for the few days they have remaining.

The attack on the Capitol Building, incited by President Trump, was a direct assault on the Congress which was carrying out their duties required by the Constitution of the United States, and was antithetical to the peaceful transition of power which is a hallmark of our democracy. President Trump waited for hours after the mob stormed the Capitol Building before telling them to go home [51]. The prolonged wait to advocate for law and order demonstrates that the disruption of Congress was an outcome President Trump intended and desired to achieve from his wild rally.

President Trump knows he broke the law and his oath of office. This is why he asked his own aides and lawyers whether he has the power to pardon himself [49]. The fact that he’s even considering such an act, so fundamentally contrary to the rule of law, to responsibility and accountability, and to the principle of checks and balances which motivated the design of our government with separate executive, judicial, and legislative branches, demonstrates that he is unfit for the job.

Even though less than 2 weeks remain before the end of President Trump’s term, we MUST ensure that he NEVER serves in office again, and the best way to do that is to impeach him.

In this moment we have excruciating national clarity about the consequences of tolerating President Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, cronyism, delusions, personal attacks on fellow Americans, and criminal acts. If we let ourselves be weak or wavering in our resolve to do the right thing for the country and for our democracy, and we don’t impeach President Trump, we will simply be encouraging the next aspiring dictator to make their attempt – and it could be Mr Trump himself in 2024.


We must be strong and we must be intolerant of attempts to subvert and destroy our way of life.














































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