Participation Rules


Thanks for joining ProgreCIV! I look forward to your participation in this forum!

We do have a few rules:

1) we advocate for peace — we do not call for the initiation of violence, harm, or injury to any person or group, or destruction of their legal property;

2) we advocate for prosperity — we don’t curse or wish for hunger, thirst, or poverty for any person or group;

3) we keep our focus on solutions — we don’t make personal attacks;

4) we present evidence and reason — we don’t intentionally engage in logical fallacies, whataboutism, or rhetoric;

5) we behave with respect, honesty, and integrity — and we do correct ourselves when we make mistakes, repair our relationships, and move on;

6) we are intolerant towards intolerance — extremist viewpoints built on fear, hate, and ignorance are not welcome here;

We believe there is more than one way, that choices have consequences, and that through civilized discussion, coordinated action, and documentation of evidence, we can find our way forward to to the future we all desire.


Jonathan Buhacoff